Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance

Who needs technology errors and omissions insurance?
The technology sector is fiercely competitive, and to set yourself apart, you have to live up to extremely high standards of innovation and service to meet customer expectations. However, your firm faces a risk that your products may underperform or fail, resulting in significant financial loss for your clients or third parties. And as you build products or sevices for use around the globe, defects in components, devices and embedded software can have a significant financial toll on your bottom line. General liability policies can often fall short of providing the Technology Errors & Omissions coverage you need to protect your institution from mistakes that can cause harm to a client, company or colleague. You need a carrier that will help you address these challenges and provide the specialized coverage to give you the confidence and peace of mind that your business insurance also meets your needs.

It covers the risks including:

  • Firewall Vulnerabilities
  • Software or Component defects and more
  • With optional Informational Risk and Media Liability endorsements
  • Can be extended to include network security and privacy and content injury claims

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CNA's Technology Errors & Omissions insurance insures your company against claims that arise from defects, software performance and failure of work to perform as promised. The coverage is designed to help technology companies like yours face an evolving array of risks, including firewall vulnerabilities, and software or component defects. And with optional Informational Risk and Media Liability endorsements, coverage can be extended to include network security and privacy and content injury claims.

CNA's Technology Errors & Omissions coverage provides banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other financial institutions an efficient solution to technology-specific risks. We offer a wide range of general and specific features targeted for financial services firms, including coverage for products and services (unless specifically excluded), loss of use of tangible property (not physically insured for telecommunication services), coverage for independent contractors and much more. With optional Informational Risk and Media Liability endorsements, coverage can be extended to include: Network security and privacy injury liability, coverage for emotional distress in absence of physical bodily injury, and coverage for content injury committed in the performance of a media activity.

Combining the latest market insight with technology expertise, our underwriters and risk control specialists are poised to adapt, develop relevant coverages, and help you to identify and mitigate your exposures. In the event that a claim arises, our skilled claim professionals are dedicated to managing it quickly and fairly, so you can stay focused on charting the course for tomorrow's technologies.

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