Small Business Owners Package Policy (BOP)

Business owners policy (BOP) was created specifically for small business owners like you to help address areas such as risks to buildings, business income, business personal property, computer equipment, accounts receivable, money and securities and more.

CNA Connect offers broad and relevant coverage, with customized endorsements that offer increased deductible options and a wide range of limit options. CNA Connect offers more coverage and higher limits on a single policy, with the flexibility to exclude coverages to reduce premiums and the ability to tailor coverages to meet your specific needs.

It covers risks for:

  • Buildings
  • Business Income
  • Business Personal Property
  • Computer Equipment
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Money, Securities and more

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CNA Connect 101: The Insurance Policy Built for Your Small Business

Why CNA Connect?
CNA's standard coverages are some other companies' "extras." We include business income and extra expense coverage, both of which help supplement your income when your doors may be closed following a fire, water damage incident or burglary. How would you pay your bills or the salaries of key employees without income? Business income coverage helps you make those payments, while extra expense coverage will help if you need to move to a temporary location because your building is uninhabitable. We know you can't risk losing your customers by being closed for a long period of time. Both coverages are built into CNA Connect to make sure you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

CNA also includes Employment Practices Liability coverage for employee-related issues and offers options to add higher limits for it, if needed. When it comes to your building, CNA knows many small businesses lease property from landlords. CNA created a policy that includes the coverages required in the lease, so you don't discover after someone slips on the sidewalk in front of your building that your lease required you to purchase "blanket additional insured" coverage for the landlord. Additionally, CNA Connect applies your premises liability limit to each location instead of spreading it among your different locations. We also offer higher limits on a single policy than some other insurance companies. We help small business owners with some of the decisions that will best protect them.

CNA will customize a policy just for you. You've worked hard to stand out from the competition, but you have unique business needs and a price point. We can offer more than 300 optional coverage endorsements (or add-ons) to your CNA Connect policy to tailor it for your small business. Are you frequently shipping products, and therefore need more coverage for inventory in transit? Do you need Professional Liability coverage because of the services you provide? Do you have robust online sales and require data breach coverage? We've thought through your workday and where it might take you to craft coverage options to fit your specific business, whether you're a real estate agent who needs coverage for furniture rented to stage a house or a photographer traveling on assignment. We also offer flexibility to increase your limits to obtain the right level of coverage.

CNA Connect offers coverages that you don't necessarily get the opportunity to purchase on competitors' BOPs. For example, we are one of the few carriers to allow you to add on coverage for Miscellaneous Professional Liability, or "errors and omissions," which applies in cases where customers allege negligence arising from professional services.

We understand that you have a budget, so CNA Connect allows you to increase deductibles if you need some flexibility in your premium. You also can exclude certain coverages that don't necessarily apply to your business. For example, a couple running a small accounting office with no employees may agree that employee dishonesty coverage is not necessary and remove it from their policy.

CNA puts itself in your shoes. We don't want to compromise your ability to rebound from a disruption, so we've approached CNA Connect from the perspective of the small business owner. We've considered the ebbs and flows of your operations, your day, your employees' workflow and your customers and built a policy to reflect that. No one wants to be surprised during the stressful aftermath of a loss to find certain coverage areas were overlooked, or that certain exclusions mean they won't be covered. We've included coverages that help you get back up and running following a disaster. We know that your employees might be moving property from site to site, so we don't add personal property exclusions surrounding the locations where you're covered, just in case an employee stops to get gas and returns to find inventory or important documents stolen out of the backseat. Some policies may have exclusions because the property was off your premises, in transit or because the car was unlocked. Our coverages are built to make sure you don't discover gaps at your worst moments.

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Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractor, accountant, lawyer, management consultant, real estate agent or any other small business, our experienced underwriters and risk control professionals work with you to understand the complex risks you face in your industry and can help you to manage your exposures and avoid the most common losses. In the event that an incident occurs, our highly experienced claim professionals are dedicated to working with you to achieve a timely resolution, so you may remain focused on servicing your clients.

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